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Radical Mass 10lbs By Gat Sport

Chocolate Milkshake
Vanilla MilkShake

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960 Radical Calories to Build Radical Mass: Adding quality muscle takes hard work in the gym… and massive calories. GAT Radical Mass provides 960 calories to hard gainers and athletes looking to pack on lean mass and build serious size. Gaining weight just by eating protein meals every three hours can be difficult. The carefully selected blend of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in GAT Radical Mass stack up to provide 960 muscle-building calories per serving to help even the hardest gainers build muscle. 50 Gram Tripe Whey Matrix: This exclusive, powerful blend of select proteins starts working fast to support maximum gains in three stages. Additional protein keeps the rebuilding momentum going. Muscles crave a steady amino acid flow to build dense new fibers. The protein blend in GAT Radical Mass delivers amino acids to muscle at different rates for extended muscle growth support. Muscle protein synthesis maximizes growth and size. Carbohydrates Keep Muscle Pumping: Maintaining muscle mass also requires constant, readily available energy. The carbohydrates in GAT Radical Mass are quickly transformed into muscle energy to preserve your hard-earned muscles efficiently. GAT Radical Mass has over 150 grams of complex carbohydrates forcing glycogen into muscles – fueling growth during high intensity weight lifting. Get the Mass-Gaining Calories You Need. Builds Size & Strength Faster: Looking to pack on real mass and muscle, pack on pounds of lean, dense muscle and improve your performance? Look no further than GAT Radical Mass premium weight gainer. It’s the perfect choice for maximizing glycogen synthesis for improved protein upload and recovery. Radical Mass is a massive step forward. Its unique Triple Whey Matrix in a waxy maize and Maltodextrin blend provides a whopping 50 grams of high quality proteins. It mixes easily and tastes great. This deliciously flavored rich milkshake yields a HUGE 960 calories and only 6 grams of fat! It’s fortified with key nutrients and electrolytes at a 3:1 carb-to-protein ratio when mixed with milk. Put on massive muscle and RADICALLY change your size with GAT Radical Mass.

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Chocolate Milkshake , Vanilla MilkShake

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