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Return & Refund Policy

If you find (prove) any product fake or you have any issue related to the product which is valid and is our fault , we will take return free of cost , you want your cash back , you can have it , you want a different product you can have it.

If you don’t like the product because of the flavor or anything else which is not our fault, we wont return the product.


  • Short Expiry / Sale Products wont be returned unless found fake.
  • Clumps Are Often Expected In Creatine Powder / Pre-Workout Powder due to moisture and weather condition , Such  Products Will Only Be Returned If Found Fake.
  • Seal Opened Products Won’t be Changed. (Can Only Be Returned If Found Fake)
  • Companies Often Change Their Scoop (Size,Shape,Color) Such Products should be first verified by manufacturers,if found fake will be returned.
  • There Is a 1 percent chance of not getting scoop with your product, such product will only be returned if found fake (declared counterfiet by manufacturers.)