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Gold Lean Mass 3kg By Kevin Levrone Signature Series

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The Gold Line is the most recent series of products from bodybuilding legend Kevin Levrone and his supplement company, Levrone Signature Series. It was introduced earlier this year with a wide variety of products, including various protein powders, nutrition-based formulas, pre-workouts, aminos, and basic supplements like Gold Creatine and Gold Glutamine.

Kevin Levrone’s Levrone Signature Series is closing out 2020 with an all-new product for the Gold Line in yet another protein powder, although this one is loaded with calories. The new addition to the Levrone collection is Gold Lean Mass, a premium mass protein supplement featuring a handful of bonus ingredients to further support muscle strength and size.

Gold Lean Mass from Levrone Signature Series provides a huge 70g of protein in each of its massive 200g servings, an almost equal 72g of carbohydrates with only 12g of that sugar, 12g of fat, and 676 calories. As mentioned, there are a few other features in the product, with a full 5g of creatine monohydrate, a gram each of d-aspartic acid, tribulus, and fenugreek, and MCT oil.

Kevin Levrone and Levrone Signature Series’ Gold Lean Mass is a relatively lean gainer, and with that essentially 1:1 protein to carbohydrate ratio, it gives you plenty of room to change the serving to suit your needs. There are already some retailers stocking the brand’s Gold Line mass gainer with only one flavor to choose from at the moment in a traditional Chocolate.

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