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Anabolic Peak 12lbs By Inner Armour

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Anabolic Peak is a gainer suitable only for athletes and most demanding athletes, those who are willing to try a unique product, with more than 25,000 calories and more than one million mg of amino acids. Anabolic Peak also has glutamine, BCAAs, creatine and Waxi Maize, with these amounts, you build lean muscle mass, increase your athletic performance, strength and size of your muscles.

With Anabolic Peak you can win a power ever felt in your training, which will take you to obtain unique results; amino acids help regenerate muscles and to recover more quickly and favoring a state of muscle growth. Anabolic Peak was designed to grow the muscle to its maximum density and at the same time keep them healthy.

Anabolic Peak ingredients incorporate fast-absorbing protein, whey protein and casein proteins, result: muscle gain, extreme training and unmatched performance. As if that were not enough, Anabolic Peak has the best quality creatine, which maximizes the effects of the ingredients.

Anabolic Peak is a product that has been created and tested by the best professionals. In this formula it is incorporated Waxy Maize, a modified carbohydrates and are absorbed by the bloodstream to increase muscle volume almost immediately starch complex.

All this makes Anabolic Peak the most powerful product of its kind!

How to Use

If you want to use Anabolic Peak, mix 4 scoops of powder with water or milk, depending on your taste. Anabolic Peak is a highly concentrated formula, because of its power, can take half 2 or 3 times a day.

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