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Stemtropin 60 Capsules By MuscleMeds

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STEMTROPIN is at the forefront of stem cell science and muscle performance. New stem cell research has uncovered the important role stem cells have on muscle building and regeneration. This groundbreaking research and the discovery of natural stem cell activators opens the door for athletes to enhance muscle building, performance and recovery and may also be helpful in combatting age-associated muscle loss. Lying within our muscles are stem cells that drive the tissues growth and repair

The use of stem cells by professional athletes to enhance performance and improve recovery from injuries is becoming extremely popular. Some of the best know athletes in the world have admitted to using stem cells. However, stem cell treatments are very costly. STEMTROPIN is the first ever natural dietary supplement to stimulate the increased production of both stem cells and growth hormone to induce muscle hypertrophy and muscle tissue regeneration. Research has shown stem cells to be critical for effective muscle regeneration for injured muscles such as sprains and muscle tears as well

as for post -operative healing.


As we age, we begin to lose muscle mass and strength. This is a condition referred to as sarcopenia, or age-associated muscle loss. Researchers have identified that age-associated muscle loss is directly linked to the decline of both stem cells and key hormonal growth factors that occur with age. By enhancing both stem cell production and growth hormone levels, STEMTROPIN can help reverse the decline of these key regulators of muscle growth and regeneration allowing you to maintain and restore a more active lifestyle


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