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Neuro Core Pre Workout 40 Servings By Fitness Authority

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A formula containing 13 active ingredients – comprehensive support for every sports discipline

A powerful dose of up to 3000 mg of citrulline malate in a single measure!

Beta-alanine acts as a precursor in the process of carnosine synthesis

As a nitric oxide booster, AAKG has an effect on blood flow

Betaine has potential uses in improving the body’s exercise capacity

CORE NEURO is a multi-ingredient pre-training supplement whose formula is a combination of NO boosters and components with nootropic properties. The product is dedicated to people who are exposed to chronic and intensive psychophysical fatigue. The formula will be useful during recreational physical activity and professional training, especially strength and endurance training. The composition of the supplement has been prepared with attention to every detail, which is best demonstrated by the optimally selected proportions of the ingredients used, high quality materials and the maintenance of essential safety procedures at the production stage.

DIRECTION (1 serving = 1 Scoop (8,75 g))

Mix ~1 scoop of powder (8,75 g) with 150-200 ml of water or juice and consume 30 minutes before workout.


Store in a dry place, at room temperature. Protect against light. Do not freeze.

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