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Carnivor Beef Protein 2lb By MuscleMeds

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23g Bioengineered Beef Protein Isolate

Recycles Aminos and Minimizes Ammonia

Loaded with Creatine and BCAAs

Fast Digesting – Easier on the Stomach

Carnivor By MuscleMeds – Protein

What Is It?

MuscleMeds has created the world’s very first Beef Protein Isolate. † Carnivor Beef Protein provides 23g of 99% hydrolyzed beef protein isolate and contains no fat or cholesterol! Carnivor is fast digesting, delicious and is surprisingly low in calories. Additionally, its lactose, sugar, dairy and gluten-free!


How Does It Work?

Carnivor Protein is Informed-Choice Certified, tested for over 200 banned substances on the WADA list, and produced in a GMP Compliant Facility. You can be confident you are getting the highest quality product available.


Clinical research using Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate showed that in just 8-weeks, it helped to muscle mass gains relative to exercise alone. The muscle-building benefits surpasses that of whey protein.


Carnivor is fortified with a unique Anabolic Nitrogen Retention Technology that helps recycle nitrogen from ammonia back into anabolic amino acids that can then be used to support additional muscle growth.

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