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Bad Ass Mass 7kg By Fitness Authority

Original price was: ₨ 30,000.Current price is: ₨ 23,500.


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BAD ASS MASS gainer is a product enriching the daily diet with a complex of complete proteins and carbohydrates, supplemented with optimally specified servings of creatine monohydrate and L-glutamine. The proposed formula will prove useful as a form of support during mass building and modeling of a muscular body. The product has been prepared in the form of an easily soluble powder, which makes it possible to prepare a delicious and nutritious shake with incredible taste. The supplement is recommended for people seeking a convenient source of valuable calories and essential nutrients – the preparation is recommended for amateur and professional enthusiasts of strength and endurance sports.

What are the benefits of BAD ASS MASS?

Over 390 valuable calories in a single serving – ideal for people building mass and shaping a muscular physique

As much as 30 g of a high-class protein complex – a well-thought-out composition of as many as 5 different forms of protein with various kinetics of absorption – heterogeneous rate of release of amino acids and nutrients

Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass and helps maintain a healthy bone structure

Complete protein – rich in up to 8g of BCAA complex – exogenous amino acids can help in protein synthesis process and reduce the consequences of strenuous physical activity

Carbohydrates can be valuable for proper muscle function, e.g. by affecting glycogen resynthesis after intensive workouts

Creatine helps to increase physical performance during short-term and intense exercise and may be beneficial in the context of body composition gains

L-glutamine is recognized as an amino acid that may prove to be a valuable support for improved performance and endogenous synthesis of L-cytrulline

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