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Anabolic Test 90 Tablets By Kevin Levrone

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LEVRONE ANABOLIC TEST tablets are a multi-ingredient composition combining high-class standardized plant extracts with valuable minerals, which have been prepared especially for people exposed to high levels of psychophysical fatigue. The components used in the supplement have been chosen in the right proportions, and their properties enable a multi-dimensional effect – from supporting immunity and the general feeling of vitality, through assistance with sexual performance, to maintaining correct metabolism of macronutrients from the daily diet. The product is recommended for recreational exercisers, professional athletes, men over 30, and all supporters of a healthy and varied diet.

What are the benefits of the ingredients in LEVRONE ANABOLIC TEST?

• Tribulus terrestris – mace extract – is a source of valuable steroidal saponins (60% standardized extract) and may play an important role in erection, diuresis and genitourinary system


• As a valuable source of salidroside rosavins, rosehip extract may play a role in maintaining well-being, psychological function, reducing feelings of fatigue, or increasing antioxidant potential


• Ginkgo biloba extract may manifest neuroprotective properties, and its combination with muira puama extract may prove to be a valuable support for sexual fitness and libido


• Fenugreek extract may find use for glycogen resynthesis, sugar and glycemic management, or sexual performance


• Ginseng extract and the ginsenosides it contains may be helpful for overall mental and physical performance including favorable mood and cognitive function


• Zinc supports normal immune function, normal reproductive function, facilitates acid-base balance, and supports maintenance of optimal testosterone levels in the blood


• Selenium contributes to normal spermatogenesis, enables healthy hair and nails, supports the protection of cells from oxidative stress, and aids in normal thyroid function

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