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Red Rex Beef Protein Isolate 4lb By Big Ramy Labs

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RED REX Beef Protein Isolate (BPI) is an excellent source of clean Protein and Amino Acids, making it one of the best protein sources for building muscle and improving exercise performance. With optimal nutritional’s and great taste, RED REX BPI provides a

complete protein for sustained energy and muscle development. RED REX BPI has one of the highest concentrations of functional protein out of any of the protein sources.


A single serving of this Beef Protein Isolate contains an astounding 24 grams of protein, with only 3 grams of carbs and zero fat. Delivers the serious protein power of beef that is 350% more concentrated than steak!


RED REX BPI is also lactose free and a great alternative to whey or milk-based protein for people who are sensitive to dairy products. BPI is also a great protein choice for Paleo Diet followers which focuses on foods that could have been gathered by hunting and gathering during the Paleolithic era, such as meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables.


Benefits of RED REX 100% Beef Protein Isolate:


Provides Nutrients For The Development of Lean Muscle Mass

Assists With Promoting Weight Loss

Supports The Immune System

Helps Maintain Healthy Bones, Hair, Nails, and Skin.

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