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Pre-Kaged 20 Servings By Kaged Muscle

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Pre-Kaged is the Ultimate Pre-Workout to provide the best focus, pump, and stamina in the gym. Full label disclosure combined with premium, patented ingredients to crush your next workout! Also suitable for Vegan/Vegetarian Diets.

Lift Heavier. Push Longer.
Crush Your Goals.

  • Boost Energy + Endurance
  • Trigger Incredible Pumps
  • Heighten Mental Focus
  • Third-Party Tested + Banned Substance Free
  • Suitable for Vegan/Vegetarian Diets

Your training is too important to trust to under-dosed pre-workout formulas that hide behind bogus science and proprietary blends. You need a pre-workout supplement that works as hard as you do; one that amplifies your natural potential for strength-fuelled, high-intensity training and delivers results you can see and feel. You need Pre-Kaged®.

Step into the gym fueled and fearless. Sip by sip, Pre-Kaged® unites your body and mind, priming you for the most incredible workouts of your life. Weights will feel lighter, distances shorter. Your muscles will expand before your very eyes as you fire through rep after rep with pure, uncaged intensity.

Ever wonder how most pre-workouts jam “so many” ingredients into such a tiny scoop? They can’t, because it’s physically impossible. Pre-Kaged delivers 30g of ultra-premium ingredients in the industry’s largest fully dosed scoop.

Pre-Kaged® infuses real fruit flavors so clean, refreshing and tasty, you’ll forget that it’s made for high-performance training. No added sugar, no colors or flavors from artificial sources. The hardest part will be choosing your favorite flavor.

Where others choose cheaper ingredients to keep profit margins high at the expense of your health, we use the best of the best. We’re not putting junk in our bodies, and we don’t expect you to, either.


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