Perfect Amino 30 Servings By Skull Labs


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SKULL LABS® PERFECT AMINO. Food supplement. With sweeteners. Pre/post-workout amino acid formula, designed for strength training athletes and physically active people.

Skull Labs Perfect Amino 450 g EAA amino acids with citrulline

Skull Labs Perfect Amino 450 g is a blend of essential EAA and BCAA amino acids. These are the ingredients that are essential for the proper function of your muscles, sustaining their activity and regeneration. Amino acids are the small bricks that are responsible for the growth of muscle mass. Amino acids should be used by all people whose workouts are very grueling and who may be prone to the effect of muscle catabolism. Skull Labs Perfect Amino amino acids will protect your hard-worked muscles from damage.


Skull Labs Perfect Amino 450 g are:

Anti-catabolic effect,

Increase muscle protein synthesis,

Improved functioning of the nervous system,

Muscle-building action.